How To Keep Your Carpets Clean: The Easy Guide

When you buy quality carpets, one of the main concerns you probably have is how to keep them clean and well-maintained. After all, these are the surfaces that receive the most wear and tear each day. However, it doesn’t have to be so difficult if you know the right tricks. Now, some of you might be thinking how can keeping carpets clean be this difficult? After all, they get dirty very fast and they often serve as a passive surface for dirt to accumulate on them easily. In other words, they have high Dirt-Easily Rating (DER). The good news is that with the right cleaning habits and products, you can keep your carpels clean and odor-free in no time. Let’s take a look at how…


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Vacuum Daily

Vacuuming removes excess dust along with dirt, which means you’ll be able to spot dirt sooner. Dirt builds up very quickly, so if you don’t vacuum, you’ll soon have a carpet full of it. However, you should vacuum daily. The dirt doesn’t just sit on the carpet waiting to be found by you. It collects everywhere it can and by the time you find a pile of it, it’s been sitting for at least 24 hours. If you can’t vacuum daily, at the very least, do it every week. Middle-of-the-week dust-ups are much less likely to leave you with a full load of dirt when you find them on Mondays.

Use A Natural Cleaner Every Week

If you just recently did buy quality carpets, you don’t want to mess them up, so make sure that you only use carpet-safe cleaner. They’re also great for keeping your carpets clean. You can use them once a week to deep clean your carpets. They’re not just for the springtime because you can use them all year round. Natural cleaners are much safer for your carpets than conventional cleaners. They’re made from all-natural ingredients so they don’t contain toxic solvents like chemicals do. They’re also biodegradable, so they won’t leave any residues behind. Thus, they’re perfect for keeping carpets clean and odor-free. Natural cleaners come in many forms. You can use homemade cleaners or store-bought ones. If you make your own, you can add essential oils, which are great for cleaning carpets. Alternatively, you can use dishwashing liquid, white vinegar, and plain water.

Store Dirty Shoes Properly

Need we say more? Well, we probably should. Keeping your shoes clean is crucial. This is because the dirt you walk in with transfers to your carpets and rugs. Thus, it’s important to keep your shoes clean. There are few simple tricks that can help you keep your shoes clean. – Use a shoe rack – A shoe rack is the best way to keep your shoes clean. This will also keep them off the carpets and rugs. – Wash your shoes in the sink – This is another simple yet effective way to keep your shoes clean. You can wash your shoes in the sink. Since you’re washing them, you’re also removing any dirt from them. – Clean your work shoes – If you work in a messy environment, clean your work shoes. This will help you keep your shoes free of dirt.

Don’t Forget the Rugs

Rugs are usually the last thing to be cleaned in a household. However, they should be cleaned as well. You can use a rug shampoo to clean your rugs. You can also vacuum them once in a while. If you have rugs that have silky surfaces, you should be extra careful while cleaning them. There are some special cleaning products that are made for cleaning rugs and carpets with delicate fabrics. Rugs are often overlooked as a potential source of dirt and dust. However, these types of carpets and rugs are prone to becoming dirty and should be cleaned regularly. It’s best to schedule regular rug-cleaning sessions, or you can use some of these helpful cleaning tips.


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