What Andriod Should Consider To Beat Apple

In spite of many consumers choosing Android over Apple, the continuing popularity of iphones cannot be ignored. In Apple’s last quarter alone, the computing giant sold over 26 million iPhones. This was 58 percent more the same period in the previous year. Even if you look at Apple’s holiday quarter last year, they sold over 36 million iPhones over the period. This just goes on to show that Android needs to step up its act if it wants to beat Apple at its own game.

The Internet Is Where the Search Begins

There are many blogs out there that have rated iPhones higher than Droids, but there are other websites that talk in favor of the Droid. What does this have to do with Android’s strategy to beat Apple? A lot. You see, the Internet has become the ultimate place to do your homework before you buy anything – whether it’s a new television set, treadmill for your home gym or simply a new phone.

Today most people go online to research on what phone they should buy so that they make an appropriate choice. Right from comparing features to reading reviews, consumers are doing a real background check on the phone they are buying before they put their money in it.


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Blogs Play a Key Role

The thing that Android needs to understand and consider is the fact that when people look for new phones, they could make a buying decision just by looking and analyzing the first few blog posts they come across comparing the two types of phones. The fact remains that bloggers are the new journalists and if they are impressed, then half of the online battle is won.

This is exactly why Android needs to push further and do a little extra to improve their online image and online reputation. It really matters because even if more people choose to buy a smartphone offline, the Web is where they do most of their research.

Online Reputation Matters

As the Internet grows by leaps and bounds, more and more people are depending on it for their basic needs than ever. And this is a trend that will only grow with time. In such a scenario, online reputation becomes a thing of great importance for Android. Many small and medium sized companies are depending on using reliable online reputation management services like Reputation.com to stay ahead of their competition, so why not Android?

Here are some key advantages Android can reap with better online reputation management:

1) Establish a more direct connection with consumers and boost visibility and improve online image.

2) Monitor what the competitors (in this case Apple) are doing on the web that could be harming.
Droid’s business.

3) Get immediately notified about any feedback from the consumers. Feedback that can help improve Droid and make it better in the areas it is lacking.


Regardless of how big Apple is or will get, Android does have a huge market to tap in to. And it will be able to do much better if it takes care of its online reputation more effectively Period.


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