Factors You Should Consider When Writing Your Article

Writing has been the major means of communication since the existence of the World Wide Web. Majorly, information, news, messages and instructions are all passed across to the receiver or audience through writing. While the message itself is the main aspect of an article, the quality of the writing itself qualifies the writer.

The major reason you leave a page on the internet before you finish reading the message of the author is probably because the writing is bad. Other than this, you will enjoy reading every piece you come across on the internet.

If you are a writer and you’ve noticed that your articles are not satisfying the readers, my blog post will be featuring factors you should consider when writing your articles.

Who Will Read Your Article

Do you write your articles for everybody? If you’re doing this, then you’re on your way to failure. You need to research the market and know what the people reading your articles need. Without doing this, your article will be lost in the web – without having anyone to read it.


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Know what the key-terms your audience is using to find your blog are. These should be the focus of your article and you can benefit from search engine traffic that will come your way.

Make sure your articles solve the problems your readers are facing, and avoid diverging from the main point of the message. Doing this will leave your readers confused and they’ll have no choice but to leave your blog.

Let Your Headline Carry the Message

Your article headline should be capable of giving a clue of what your message is all about to your readers; otherwise they’ll disregard it when they come across your title on a search result page. Don’t let your headline become too long, because long headlines are always cut on search result pages which will prevent your readers from knowing what your headline says.

While you might want your desired keyword to appear in the headline of your article so that you can gain more recognition on search engines, you should never let it obstruct the main point of the article. In the case whereby a keyword does not fit into your headline, forcing it might render your entire article meaningless.

Your headline should be able to get your readers curious about what you have to say in your article.

Solve a Problem

Does your article solve a particular problem or is it just some rambling that offers solution to nothing? What your answer is will highly influence the quality of your article and how your audience will receive it.

Look around the niche you are writing about and take note of the major problems users in this niche complain about the most. Write an article that promises to solve this particular problem and you’ll be rewarded for doing so.

But, importantly, before you go ahead and write an article that focuses on a particular problem, you should make sure you’re well-knowledgeable about it.


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