Cloud security myths solved

Every new technology is subjected to extensive analysis in today”s world, and rightly so. And when it comes to path breaking technologies like Cloud computing, it is only natural that its various aspects will be viewed with suspicion until its features are cleared beyond any doubt. This has what happened with Cloud security as well. A lot of self appointed experts have picked through various components of cloud computing and based on their limited knowledge have drawn crass conclusions and spread the word about it. Now, a lot of people have a lot of misinformation about what cloud computing actually entails and this article is an attempt to debunk some of the common myths about cloud security.

Data insecurity

We don’t know who started this myth, but people tend to believe that data is floating on the cloud unprotected, that anyone can reach out and pluck it anytime they want. The reality couldn’t be farther from it. Yes we agree there have been breaches to cloud security and there will be in the future. But then, which system can offer fool proof security? The reality is that breaches cannot be avoided altogether and when compared to traditional systems, cloud systems have had much lesser incidents. In fact, strengthening data security is much easier in a cloud system.


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Security not required

We have never faced any security threats or breaches, so why to invest in cloud security now? This is a common question gaining rounds these days. However, the truth is no data is completely secure on any server. The faster you give your data cloud security, the better.

Certification means security guaranteed

There are many cloud security providers out there who stack certifications of various degree stacked up against their company names. However, this is not true. Before hiring a service provider, one should do an independent security assessment to look into its past contracts and draw conclusions of your own.

Install it and leave it

Cloud security is something that is constantly evolving and the people who manage it should be aware of it. This is very important to ensure continuous security.


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