Android Monitoring Software For Tracking Employees

The popularity of Android phones is soaring and a lot many mobile manufacturers are designing their phones in compatibility with the Android platform due to the unlimited access and the absence of license fee to make use of the operating platform. The burgeoning increase of android phone applications has resulted in the inherent threats which can be mitigated by the use of android monitoring software. You have a wide selection of vendors who can provide you with employee monitoring software which will function with full compatibility on Android phones. Some of the top rated monitoring software includes Mobile Spy, Mobisrealth, Stealthgenie, FlexiSpy to name a few.

Android Monitoring Software

Every business has its share of problems through its employees. There are always some black sheep in a flock. However, they operate clandestinely and provide you with no evidence to catch them red handed. The android monitoring employee control software comes to your rescue to track and monitor the activities of your employees. Before you purchase such software, you can make a trial to check which suits you the best. Mobile Spy free trial offer for 7 days is currently available and you can purchase after using all basic features during the trial period. Some of the Android Monitoring Software features for tracking employees include:

Tracking the location of your employees

The GPS tracking feature is very helpful in monitoring the on field employees like sales staff. The GPS gives out the location details of the employee on whose phone the monitoring software has been installed. You can know if your field staff is at designated locations during his work hours.

Call tracking

The Android Monitoring software maintains a detailed log of all the incoming and outgoing calls routed through the phone. By reviewing the log, you will be in a position to know if your employees were misusing the phone provided for official purposes for personal calls. This way you can significantly reduce your expenses incurred on mobile phones and also prevent the employees from wasting productive work time.


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Email tracking

Emails are the most favored means of communication. However, the same can be used as a means of conveying business confidential information to rival firms by disgruntled employees. With the installation of the Android monitoring software on your employee phone, you can easily monitor the contents of the mails exchanged by a particular employee and nab the employee who indulged in espionage.

Monitor activities on the internet

Most businesses have an unlimited high speed internet facility to enable easier communication in work related aspects. It could happen that such facility might be misused by employees for their personal and entertainment purposes like online shopping or chats on Twitter or using game software. A review of the internet browsing history, which is possible through the monitoring app, will help you to take action against such erring employees.
It is pretty easy to install such monitoring software on your employees’ phone, if you as the employer have provided them with one. Once installed, the monitoring software will send the review logs to a user account which was created with a password at the time of purchasing from the app vendor. You can access this information anywhere and anytime.


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