5 Killer Tips For Business Marketing In Facebook

Facebook is world’s most popular social networking website which connecting crores of people online around the world. Facebook have their own advertising system for small business owners to promote their business or websites on facebook. Most of online entrepreneurs are interested for Facebook traffic rather than PPC because in facebook, we can get exactly targeted and unique traffic only.

So many businesses taking advantages from Facebook promotion, but some people are losing thousands of dollars in the same process due to wrong steps. You should do a lot of research before testing facebook advertising or promotion for your business marketing.  Listen to our facebook marketing tips below.

1. Budget matters a lot… Starts with low budget only

To avoid failure in Facebook marketing, I prefer you to start your journey on facebook with a limited budget only. Have control over your budget and be careful when spending it on facebook advertising. You can also promote your products or business on facebook even without spending a single penny, but its take a lot of time.


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2. Create a fan page / business page

You can do that by following on screen instructions available on this official page, So Create a page, add your business logo as profile picture and upload a eye catching timeline cover. Don’t be cheap in time line or logo design; Hire any graphic designer if you don’t know how to design. There are so many companies offer graphic designing such as Printmeit.com.  Make it as you like but don’t lose the professional look. Check out all options and manage it for some days your own to gain knowledge about facebook pages.  Ask your friends to like your fan page and update it regularly.

3. Spend some more time to understand facebook

Make some time by making changes on your schedule, and spend it on facebook to understand it. Look at your business page fans and communicate with them, minimum try to spend an hour per day on facebook to writing updates and updating your business page for your customers. Track what type of updates getting attention from your fans and try making use of them.
Learn more as you can, if you don’t understand any things on facebook? Then read about those things on facebook official help center.

4. Coupons and promotions works like hell

Discounts will help a lot to generate new customers from facebook. Recently facebook has added a new feature for business pages to post coupons/offers. Those type of coupon posts going viral on facebook.

5. Facebook Advertising / Promotion

You have so many ways to advertise on facebook, first of all be clear about your facebook marketing strategies. You can use Facebook advertising network if you have heavy budget. You can promote your products on businesses on various groups, pages, and timelines. There are freelancers also available to promote your things on facebook for very cheap prices.


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