5 Essential Travel Planning Tips to Stay Connected Abroad

Big trips overseas can mean adventures of an all-new form. When you arrive, don’t assume that your cell phone will work or that your tablet computer will sync up instantly. Even though most countries have ample communication methods, it’s not instantaneously available. Sometimes, you’ll need to plan for connectivity beforehand.


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Get Your Mobile Device Up to Speed

You can’t imagine a week or longer not being connected to the world, but chances are good that your phone will need some changes in order to work overseas. The best route is to swap out your T-mobile sim card for an international card. This device allows you to connect to the international company’s networks. If you have a phone that allows this, it is the fastest way to get connected with your mobile phone. You’ll need to replace it again when you come back home.

Chat With Internet Tools

Perhaps you are on a trip with your significant other and need to chat with the kids back home. The easiest way to do this is with a service such as Skype. It allows you to have face-to-face conversations over the Internet. Other services, such as Google Voice and Truphone, can also be helpful in this way. Be sure to find a Wi-Fi location to use this service to keep costs low.

Watch Your Roaming

For some people, this is no longer an issue. However, some cell phone companies still charge roaming for data usage. At home, the costs tend to be low, so you may not think twice about them if you’re taking a long drive. However, overseas, data roaming charges can make your phone bill skyrocket. The easiest way to prevent this is to simply turn off or disable this feature. It ensures that you will not be paying for something you don’t need.

Getting Online

If you plan to bring along your tablet or laptop, be sure to plan for how you’ll get online. Many hotels offer these, and sometimes that’s good enough. However, most tourism-centric locations also have an Internet café. In some countries, especially in Asia and Europe, these are plentiful and large. It’s one of the most economical ways to get online without spending too much.

Choosing a Hotel

Finally, before you book your trip, invest in the right hotel room. If you know you will need to access the Internet for any reason, choose a hotel that offers Wi-Fi service. Before you book that room, find out the cost for this service. This is especially important if you’re working while traveling and will need a lot of ongoing access. When you book your room, ask for a location near the wireless router. This may help amp up your wireless signal.

Traveling and staying connected isn’t challenging if you plan ahead. Don’t get caught without your favorite mobile devices and electronics and the connectivity for them available to you. How else would you be able to share all the awesome pictures you take on social media sites?


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