5 Best Methods to Advertise your Small Business

Small businessmen are always worried as to how to promote their business. Print Media or Banners can be very costly. Already if low on budget they tend to invest it in setting up other necessities like office space, hardware and furniture. Business persons try free advertising methods sometimes too. As an entrepreneur you need to understand it is not essential to spend lot of money to gain clients and work, but what is more important is to target the correct market.

In today’s online world there are lot of options to promote your business or service within limited budget. We need to understand that marketing is a continuous process to increase your presence in market. One of the best ways of marketing is when recommended by one of your previous client. This is the most effective way to gather more number of clients and have more positive reviews about your company.

There are many methods to promote your business with very low budget. Here are some of the best of the ways:


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Facebook Ads

Facebook is now used by almost every individual. It is not only for youngsters but even old age people use it to make friends and promote their work. You can create your own business page and promote it by asking people to like it. Creating ads on it will attract the interested users and infact you can specifically target certain age-group.


Blog is one of the best tools to give an update about your services. Regularly writing a blog will gain lot of readers and mark your online presence. People can read in-depth about any new development and thus trust will start building up. You can share the link of blogs on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.


If you are a product based company, try sponsoring some giveaways on popular websites. This way the readership will increase and people will reach out to your website to know more about the products. This is a one-time investment which might result in manifold increase in readership of your website. You can even put up some donations in various public events and put up your banners.

Send e-mails

Try publishing e-newsletter and send them to customers with personal notes. You can collect e-mail ids from various sources or even send them to your old customers to call them back. Be sure the letters are not too long and carry stuff which is relevant to customers. Else they might start deleting your mails from next time without even opening them once. It is essential to note that customers get bored very easily and need to be entertained regularly.

Create Videos

People might not prefer reading mails, thus you can also create short videos to market your business. Displaying products on the websites will help the customer understand all of its uses precisely. You can create short podcasts on Youtube regularly. Try creating videos where you can compare your product/service with competitor product. This way you can create your own USP and sell your product easily.


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